Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Subaru Travel Nepal collects information about our customers as per our Know Your Customer (KYC) Policy. We need your information to arrange a smooth and effective trip for you in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or even in India. However, we value the privacy of our esteemed customers. Any kind of misuse of information or handing over your information to others is highly discouraged and isn’t proceeded with. We appreciate the fact that you hand over your confidential information to us with trust and ensure you to reciprocate the same in future.

What information is required by us?

  • We need documents that authorizes your identification
  • Name, Address, Postal code, Contact number (landline or cellular phone), and E-mail Address.
  • A copy of your passport to ensure that the information provided by you is legitimate.
  • We may respond to you through your mailing address and use them for a subscription to our newsletter.
  • In case you want to update your information with us, you can mail it to us at our official mailing address. We will update your record with us immediately.


Security of the information

Your information will be stored on our company’s server. However, no assess whatsoever is available to such information until and unless the members ofSubaru Travel Nepal need it for some valid reasons. We would like to assure you that the details of your credit card will not be stored in our server while making payment. The payment system is highly secured.

Collection of some unspecified information

To promote our business, we need to improve our official site. Therefore, some of your information is assessed by the Google analytics to obtain the detail of our web traffic. The information like page viewed, location, date and time can be assessed easily. We can even post your name, country and message on our website as a testimonials to help our fellow travellers.

We use cookies

We use cookies which helps us know that you are our visitor who had visited us previously. When you browse us the second time, the technology popularly known as “cookies” recognizes your browser and helps us know that your browser had visited our site.

The links on our website

Our privacy policy doesn’t govern any other websites. In case you navigate any other links from our site, remember that it is not governed by our Privacy Policy.

Renewal of Policy

We reserve our right to amend or update our privacy policy if necessary. The privacy policy is subject to change as per the circumstances. If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can mail us your queries at our company’s office mailing address

Need a tailor made trip package?

We can customize a trip as per your requirement. Please feel free to contact us along with your requirements and we shall get back to you shortly.